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   Grand Mother Healings

Healings from the Divine Mother!

Heal your heart with Grand Mother Love!

 Grand Mother is the Divine expression of the feminine aspect of creation. It is the ground we walk on, the Mother who loves all her children, and is the oldest most revered Spiritual being known in religious studies. She is time itself, the Spider Woman who created this web we live in, and the sustainer of life.  Grand Mother is the Master healer, Divine teacher; creator and destroyer, of our personal and collective destiny.  She is the emotional side to Great Spirit. Her healing has been hidden for many years now, protected by her followers and forced underground to protect her.

 During this great shift of humanity, her love and grace is needed more than ever. Healers, teachers, artists, mystics, and spiritual seekers are now being asked to work with her and incorporate her energy into your work. It is time for us all to align to Grand Mother to heal this planet to rise in consciousness.  

 Grand Mother is the Earth we call home, the master provider of all our needs, and the heart energy running through our veins. Her time right now is at a crossroads. Humanity itself is standing in the middle of a doorway that can bring with it a change to this planet unlike ever before. It’s been called many things, the prophecy is ancient, and yet it is by choice that we must decide.  We are the deciders of which door we choose, and through the power of personal and collective healing we can change the very root of the old and transform every aspect of the darkness we now live within and upon.


Do you choose love?

Do you choose peace?

Do you choose light?


Are you ready to heal the old to walk in the new?


What needs to heal from your:




False beliefs?






This is what sessions with Grand Mother will reveal.

Book your 90 Minute session and bathe yourself with Grand Mother Love!

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